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BG Gallery Hop

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About BG Gallery Hop

Welcome to the Bowling Green Gallery Hop – your connection to Bowling Green’s creative community.

Grab a friend and indulge in the creative and social atmosphere of  Bowling Green businesses and organizations dedicated to promoting and exhibiting art to our community. 

If you are a newcomer to the BG Gallery Hop, you will discover Bowling Green is home to many talented independent artists. The Hop has supported local galleries and institutions in an effort to provide and promote the resources and space needed to display the unique variety of artwork made available by local artists. Whether it is painting or sculpture, prints or ceramics, or something else that catches your eye on the Hop – each artist dictates a matchless idea and craft in their artwork.

Our purpose in organizing the Hop is to connect our SOKY community to the arts. We encourage not only viewing art on the tour but purchasing pieces and broadening your own collection, and rest assured there will be a match for your own individual budget. Whether you display in your home, office, or gifting to friends and relatives – buying original art supports independent artists and craftsmen, local businesses, and enriches the lives of those who collect and view it. When you buy a piece of artwork or handmade item, your support goes beyond the art community – you nourish the innovation within an energetic and culturally invigorating Bowling Green.

There is neither a start nor a finish to the hop. Individuals can explore locations at their own leisure. Be sure to set your own pace.  Last year all of our Hops were cancelled.  Many of our previous venues have moved or closed.  It has been a difficult year for all of our, but our many artists have had a very productive year.  So there will be plenty of new artwork to explore.  Most of this year's venues are concentrated around Downtown Bowling Green.  Many locations are open during the week, and some individual artists even schedule private tours of their workspaces and artwork! Visit our facebook page (BG Gallery Hop) for current posts about about art around Bowling Green.  

Bowling Green Gallery Hop 2021